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Recruitment process outsourcing is where a company transfers its recruitment scheme to an external service provider.

Why Recruitment process Outsourcing is best?

Recruitment environment is becoming more complex. If you want to integrate great minds in your company it is essential to reach the labor market. Additional to this, recruiter should hold the below mentioned skills:

  • Diverse  knowledge in recent technology
  • managing and nurturing candidates
  • Grasping the mindset of a company. 

Knowbizz for Recruitment process:

Our team has unique professionals with unbeatable talents. We have the ability to ignite the recruitment process with updated technology, and outstanding resources to measure the ability of hiring candidates.

Knowbizz can unite the hiring process, metrics, people, and technology into a skill procurement firm.

We know that success of a company is directly proportional to the capability of a work team. 

Why companies prefer Knowbizz for Recruitment process?

Many IT and Non-IT organizations choose us for their recruitment process because of the following reasons:

  •  Reduction in total recruitment  costs
  • Complete satisfaction to the companies in terms of hiring
  • Elevation in employment brand
  • Simplification in hiring process
  • Overall saving time for companies.

Stages of Recruitment process in Knowbizz:

1) Analysis & Planning:

Our initial stage of the work is to understand the goals of the client. We plan the necessary resources to help our clients in achieving their goals.

2) Extensive job marketing:

We create an employer brand to market our client jobs. Our marketing consists of social media posts, boards, and referrals.


3) Sourcing and engaging talent:

Our huge priority is to lift our employment recognition and brand with engaging young minds via talent groups.

4) Candidate assessments:

Knowbizz assets their candidate with full focus. We check about their competencies, motivation scale and core skills.

5) Candidate care:

We care for the candidates and check them wisely through the entire process.

                                                                                                                       Staffing Solutions

In this competitive world it is tough to find right candidates with accurate capabilities for the success of any business. Even if you are a big entity with own HR department, choosing the right candidate for job assessment is not easy. Here the problem can be rectified by staffing solutions. 


Why Knowbizz is well known network for staffing solutions?

Our mission is to find the best candidate to satisfy our client needs. You can aspire to have certain people with unique experience and skills. We are here to provide capable staffing solutions to meet the recruitment of your company.


We have enough experience to understand the magnitude of each company and its expectations. Our search includes finding the right potential for your organization.

Our staffing solutions include:

  • IT staffing.
  • Accounting, financial, and managerial staffing.
  • Recruitment process outsourcing.
  • Technical and industrial staffing.
  • Offshore requirements.

Knowbizz- Process for staffing:

1) Identification of Candidates:

The initial stage of this step is to detect the right candidate from several sources. We analyses each candidates with utmost dedication and focus. Our recruitment board recruit from various sources such as personal referrals, job boards, professional networking and online networks.

2) Shortlisting and Screening:

It is a complex term to shortlist the candidates based on their potential, skills and experience. Our screening process consists of meeting the right candidates with background check.

3) Placement and Follow-up:

Knowbizz staffing solutions are entirely different from other networks. We don’t stop our service, when a candidate is placed.  Our team will overlook on the performance of the employee to give overall assurance about our service in the industry.

Knowbizz hold years of experience for innovation in the staffing industry. We are one of the most famous and well known staffing solutions provider in India. Now, we know the challenges of human resource requirements. It is our vision to integrate the latest developments and technical advancements in the staffing industry.


Advantages of Knowbizz staffing solutions:

Knowbizz understands your specific staffing need and solve the organization’s human resource challenge. With us, companies can easily follow-up on their business goals. We take full oath to assess right people with high capability for your organization.

We have the specialization to meet the offshore requirements of our clients. Our team can capture the right candidates who can be deployed in different geographical location.

Take our guide to hire a strong workforce. You know that success is determined by the skillful employees. We can make your business to shine in terms of revenues and productivity. Let us be your partner and find the right work force for you.

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