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In Today’s emerging technological era, Digital marketing or online marketing plays a huge role in the evolving business world. It usually refers to marketing using electronic devices, promoting and selling through digital mediums such as social media, email marketing, display ads, online video, and search marketing. Practicing digital marketing skill can be critical either for an entrepreneur, business owner, or a marketer but to learn and enhance your skill, there are plenty of resources available online, though it can be exhausting to find the best one. So, here are best five online portals to learn digital marketing.




  • GOOGLE’S DIGITAL MARKETING – Google’s free Fundamentals of Digital Marketing is the best portal to learn from. This is a 40-hour online course divided into 26 modules and thus covers all the aspects of marketing such as building an online store, social media marketing, improving and searching your campaigns, online business strategy and also advertising and analytics. The best thing about it is that you get a free certificate at the end of the course and is perfect for both beginner and intermediate learners.


  • LINKEDIN’S MARKETING COURSE – Why not learn digital marketing from the best, social networking professional website itself. This a 24-hour course divided into 11 modules offering intermediate and advanced learning for the people who already understands the basics of the marketing. It covers growth hacking, google Ad words, sketch for UX design, and many others with certification. If you have a premium of LinkedIn then it’s already free or you can sign up for a free trial.


  • COUSERA’S MARKETING STRATEGIES – One of the best platform for online learning is Coursera. This 15-hour course is divided into 7 modules and is offered by the University of Illinois. It covers aspects such as basics of video and online marketing, basics of email and social media marketing, also optimization of digital assets which makes it best for the beginners. You can have access to the study material for free but the certificate will cost you.


  • EDX’S DIGITAL MARKETING – EDX is a renowned name in the field of online learning. The course can be completed within 8 weeks and is offered by University of Edinburg. The course is totally free but with paid certificate, and can be assessed by intermediate level learners.


  • ALISON’S DIPLOMA IN E-BUSINESS – This is considered as the best online platform for free learning by the students. The interesting thing about this course is that it can be completed within 6-10 hours, and helps you build your marketing skills through various metrics and analytics. You will have to pass the assessment test to receive a learner verification report or you can even purchase a certificate.


If you’re interested in a Digital Marketing career or you want to spice up your resume with resourceful skills, then you should totally opt for these free learning platforms



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