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The government provides incentives and subsidies to the small business for enhancing entrepreneurship. Additional to this banks also provide loans to set up small business. In order to avail these benefits it is necessary to register under Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) act.

Advantages of MSME Registration in India:

  • The interest rate is very low for the loans, given to MSME. These rates are cheaper than any other interest rates. The interest rates are around 1 to 1.5%.
  • MSME registered enterprises are available for various tax subsidies.
  • MAT (Minimum Alternate Tax) is applicable for MSMEs for 15 years.
  • MSME industries can easily take over various government tenders.
  • Credits are simple for MSME industries.
  • The MSME registered industries have the access to receive many concessions and reimbursements.
  • Government gives more preference to MSME industries.
  • One time settlement fee is applicable to all non-paid amounts of MSMEs.

Documents Required for MSME Registration:

  1. The applicants Aadhaar Card
  2. The social category of the applicant
  3. Gender of the applicant
  4. The name of the enterprise
  5. The PAN Number
  6. The Official Address
  7. The Location
  8. The Date of incorporation of the enterprise
  9. Previous registration details of the enterprise, if any
  10. Bank details associated with the enterprise;
  11. The NIC Code
  12. The information related to Employment
  13. The details of Investment.
Knowbizz for MSME Registration:

We have well known professionals to upgrade your business with MSME registration. Your needs will be addressed and suggestions will be provided as per their need.  We will collect all the necessary documents with relevant details. Our customer satisfaction is the major goal for us. We never receive any hidden charges. Not only we provide the best services in a reasonable price but also we satisfy our customers with support and trust.



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