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Income tax filing (Individual and Company):

Now let’s study about Income tax system of India.

There are two types of taxes in India. They are Direct tax and Indirect tax. Your income will be directly paid to the government through direct tax. In indirect tax, tax will be collected on your behalf. For example e-commerce websites, theatre’s, restaurants receive tax from the purchase of individuals. Then they pass this tax to the government.

There are two classification in Direct tax,

Income Tax:

The income of an individual will be measured for tax purposes. This tax is eligible for an Individual person or taxpayer based on their income.

Corporate Tax:

Companies are eligible for this tax based on the profits of their businesses. Income tax laws of India denotes specific tax for corporate’s.

Many forms of Indirect tax:

  • Value-added tax on electronics  and clothes
  • Service tax on movie tickets and restaurant bills
  • Goods & services tax has replaced all other indirect taxes.

Knowbizz for Income tax filing (Individual and Company)

Knowbizz is authorized by Government of India, under the Companies Act, 2017. We have the ability to provide legal help as well as legal information regarding income tax filing for individuals and companies. Additional to this phenomenal service, we have a team of experienced and qualified experts with other professionals under single spectrum for all legal advice. We thrive to help our clients with accurate solutions in income tax fillings.

TDS Filing

Tax Deducted at Source is collected by Government of India during transaction of money. The tax will be deducted, when the money is paid.

This amount will be paid to the income tax department later. TDS is also termed as reduction of tax evasion.

Knowbizz services for TDS filing:

  1. Innovative Questionnaires
  2. Online – Highly available
  3. Upload Excel and Bank Challan
  4. Real-time Tax Calculation
  5. 256 Bit A+ Grade SSL Security
  6. Assisted Tax Filings
  7. Intuitive Instant Help
  8. Multi-Language Support
  9.  Multi-Device Support
  10.  Maximum Deductions
  11.  Pay nominal for Assisted/Consultation
  12.  Free Self-Service filing
  13.  Advanced Audit Checker
  14.  Excellent User Experience
  15.  Easy to understand language
  16.  Secured File Cabinet


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