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Due to the growth of social media, many professionals point to the intended death of the email marketing and also that it is no longer effective. Email marketing was created back in 1980s and since then it has been used to market and sell products, but due to boost of the other digital channels this method is often being ignored. Marketers who have ignored this method should proceed with caution as email marketing can effectively boost your sales opportunity. When properly used, it can help in retention, generate new customers, and also leverage sales.




  • PERSONALIZED EMAILS – Personalized emails prove way more effective than just randomly generated emails which are sent blindly to the audience. A personalized message can be created with the help of customer data, by finding out their needs and specifications, and focusing on the purchase history. Email marketing is the about customer experience and not just another channel of marketing.
  • SUBJECT LINE – The most prominent thing is to craft an email, and for that you have to decide the length of the subject line, the length 50 to 70 characters is considered to be beneficial to click response and awareness, whereas 70 and up characters are considered to be more beneficial when it comes to engagement. So, you can opt for both ways depending on what you want to boost, awareness or response.
  • MOBILE FRIENDLY EMAILS – The first thing you do when you wake up in the morning is check your mobile, messages, calls and of course emails. So, the most important thing to do is to optimize email for that device by creating a responsive email design otherwise the subscriber will delete it or unsubscribe it. Keep your subject line and pre-header text catchy and simple and your call to action bold, simple and big.
  • WEEKEND EMAILS – Most of the people spend more time with their gadgets on the weekends than the weekdays. So, the midnight time (8 pm to 12 am) is not as overwhelming as the weekend one is. One thing is to be noted that the volume of the email should be low as it will help you to stand out more.


Due to evolving digital channels, you need to be more precise with your email marketing strategy. Keep your emails optimized, personalized and send it to your targeted audience for more response and sales incentive. All you need to do is keep up with the trends, world keeps changing, change is constant so make sure to keep yourself updated according to the needs and requirements of your audience.



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