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Everybody wants a portfolio that stands out of the crowd. As a designer your portfolio is the easiest and the quickest way of showcasing your talent, and we all know how much importance an online website portfolio holds in today’s technological era. It’s really easy for a web or a graphic designer to create and design his dream portfolio but the thing is not everyone has that skills and knowledge in that area. Let’s get you updated with the best hacks from which you can build an eye catching portfolio.


  • CHOOSE THE BEST GENESIS – When thinking of a portfolio, the first thing that comes to the mind is how to start. So, there are plenty of digital sites on the web like Word press, Behance, Dribble and many other sites. You can easily create, design and manage a free portfolio website whereas if you want to add more specifications like customizing the appearance or uploading more projects you can unlock the paid ones.


  • BE AUTHENTIC – The second thing is designing your portfolio and for that you need to keep in mind that it should not be someone else’s design rather you should be creative enough to build and select the design that reflects your personality. It is said that about 70 % people deduce your website on how it looks, you just need to keep it simple, use clear fonts, choose the best color scheme and keep in mind to use white spaces.


  • SHOWCASE YOUR FOREMOST – The main reason you are building a portfolio is to showcase your talent and skill, so you need to include your best projects, of which you’re proud of. Though you add less but you should remember to add the best because it is always best to add quality over quantity. Just try to keep it simple, real and unique, your first impression is the last impression.


  • EMBRACE YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA – Connecting your portfolio with the social media is a primary step as the importance of the social media is increasing day by day. Whenever customers will visit your website they will look for your social handles, because the most important thing for them is the past reviews. If you don’t have any social media handles you can reach them out through testimonials.


  • EASY TO MAINTAIN – The last thing you need to do is to make sure that your website is easy to handle because it has to stay with you for the long run, so in order to maintain it and keep it up to date you need to build it according to your comfort.




There’s always been some conflict between online and offline portfolio but due to the emerging technology, creating an online portfolio have far more advantages, such as it is easy to update, saves your money and time, it is really easy to share and also has less chances of being misplaced. Whereas, there are some drawbacks of digital portfolio, you need to purchase a domain and a website, there can be some potential technical issue and you need to protect your portfolio from the online scammers.



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